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A place for acoustic and vibration lovers

Our vision, improve acoustic environment in our world for a better life


In our jobs, I m sure, all of us have a lot us Excel sheets, Python scripts or other Matlab routines to perform lot of things. I m sure too, that we lose lot of time to find it, to understand it after long time and when we want to share to our collegues, complicated...😤

It was my problem, too much time lost to find the correct script.
And as you know, time is what's the most important thing we have.
So, I decided to gather all my codes and ideas inside one place: AcouVApp

AcouVApp for Vibro-Acoustic Applications have been created in order to help acousticians, technicians or other persons interested by acoustic and vibration to improve our sound environment efficiently.

The objective is to offer a simple platform where you will find, I hope, all the tools you need for acoustic

Do not hesitate to contact me, if you have any questions and remarks!

David, CEO and Acoustic Engineer🙂